Steps Before Requesting an Informal Hearing

If the Public Housing Agency managing your voucher sends a notice that your voucher will be terminated or changed — and you do not agree with the decision — follow these steps first:

Part 1: Documentation

Gather documentation to back up your argument.

Part 2: Contact Caseworker

Contact your caseworker and request an appointment or a phone conference to get an explanation of the reason for the adverse action or termination. Even if the PHA sent documentation explaining their decision, you can request a more detailed explanation.

Part 3: PHA Appointment

After making this request, the PHA should either make an appointment for you to come into the office, or do a remote conference with you to explain the termination or change.

Some PHAs prefer to try to resolve the situation through a discussion, rather than letting it go to a full-blown Informal Hearing. Other PHAs may claim they don’t have the time or manpower to discuss a termination, and will just give you the option to request an Informal hearing.

Part 4: Request Hearing

If the PHA doesn’t arrange for a discussion about its voucher decision within the next 48 hours, then request an Informal Hearing.