ABCD Housing Agency

730 S. Sixth St
St. Joseph, Buchanan County, Missouri
(816) 233-4250

About ABCD Housing Agency

The ABCD Housing Agency is a Section 8 Public Housing Agency in St. Joseph, Missouri.

The ABCD Housing Agency serves Buchanan County, Clinton County, Andrew County, DeKalb County, Dearborn, Cameron, Plattsburg, Osborn, Trimble, Lathrop, Savannah, Appleton City, St Mary, Ste. Genevieve, Osceola, Union Star, Clarksdale, Maysville, Gower, Maitland, Forest City, Oregon, Mound City, Bloomsdale, Stewartsville, Amazonia, Amity, Bolckow, Cosby, Country Club, De Kalb, Lewis and Clark Village, Rea, Rosendale, Rushville, Turney, Weatherby, Agency, Easton, Fillmore and St Louis but does not serve Saint Joseph.

The program serves Andrew, Buchanan, Clinton and DeKalb counties with the exception of the city of Saint Joseph.

About the ABCD Housing Agency Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program

As of the most recent VMS report, ABCD Housing Agency manages 143 active Housing Choice Vouchers.

The following is a summary of the types of vouchers managed and the monthly costs of each:

StandardPorted Out
Monthly Cost Per Voucher$421$116
Monthly Cost$59,821$116