George B. Lewis Elderly Housing Senior Waiting List is Closed as of June 2024. The waiting list was last open in June 2023 and remains closed.

Ayat Elkarib

Analysis by Ayat Elkarib

Last Updated: February, 23rd 2024

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This waiting list is for Other Senior rental housing assistance in Naugatuck, Connecticut.

The Naugatuck Housing Authority (NHA) last accepted Elderly Housing waiting list applications for 1-Bedroom apartments at George B. Lewis Elderly Housing from March 20, 2023, until June 20, 2023. There is no notice when this waiting list will reopen.

Please note: According to the NHA, applicants "must be age 62 or older to apply."

There were three ways to apply to the opening period:

  1. Print the paper application.
  2. Pick up an application in person at NHA website.
  3. Call NHA to request an application be mailed.

Once the paper application was completed, it was to be: Mailed to the NHA office.

Preferences have not been confirmed.

For more information, visit the NHA website.

Sources: This information was verified by the NHA notice on Untied Way of Connecticut website on April 26, 2023.

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George B. Lewis Elderly Housing Senior Applicant Preferences

George B. Lewis Elderly Housing has preferences for: Preferences Unconfirmed. Preferences are not required but Senior applicants that meet these criteria will be moved up the waiting list.

Naugatuck Housing Authority

George B. Lewis Elderly Housing Senior Waiting List is managed by Naugatuck Housing Authority.

Naugatuck Housing Authority provides affordable housing for up to 385 low- and moderate-income households through its Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher and public housing programs.

This housing agency serves Naugatuck, Connecticut.