About Atlanta Housing Authority

The Atlanta Housing Authority is a Section 8 and Public Housing public housing agency in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Atlanta Housing Authority serves Atlanta.

Atlanta Housing Authority Waiting Lists

Atlanta, Georgia Section 8 HCV Waiting List : Closed

The Atlanta Housing Authority (AHA) Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher waiting list is currently closed. It was last open for one week in March 2017; and prior to that for one week in January 2015. There is no notice of when this waiting list will reopen.

To apply during the opening period, applicants were required to complete the online application.

This waiting list has the following preferences: Live, work, or have been hired to work in Atlanta, GA.

30,000 applicants were placed on the waiting list by random lottery, after sorting preferences.

For more information, visit the AHA website, or call the office at (404) 892-4700.

Last Updated on 03/21/2017.

Public Housing Property Inspection Scores

All public housing projects and privately owned rental properties with project-based Section 8 contracts are inspected every 1 to 3 years by HUD’s Real Estate Assessment Center (REAC). The mission of REAC is to insure that HUD’s multifamily portfolio is well maintained, free of health and safety risks for tenants and to prevent waste, fraud and abuse in HUD’s multifamily programs.

The highest REAC score possible is 100 points. Points are awarded in five inspectable areas: site, building exteriors, common areas, systems and units. Points may be weighted differently for different property types. For example, an urban property with little to no grounds might have a score weighted more on the building exteriors and less on the site whereas a suburban property with acres of land will be weighted more on the site review.

The frequency of REAC inspections is determined by the last REAC score a property received. If a property receives a REAC score of 90 or higher, the next REAC inspection will be scheduled in 3 years. Scores of 80 to 89 require re-inspection in 2 years and scores of 60 to 79 require re-inspection in a year.

A score of less than 60 is considered failing. Scores of 31 to 59 require re-inspection in 60 days and scores of 30 or lower are referred to a HUD Enforcement Center for corrective action.

Property Score Inspection Date
Village At Castleb 94/100 10/22/2014
Peachtree Road Hig 98/100 09/19/2014
Village At Castleb 96/100 10/22/2014
The Villages At Ca 76/100 10/16/2014
Gardens At College 93/100 10/10/2014
Columbia Estate 96/100 09/12/2014
Marietta Road High 72/100 09/15/2014
Mechanicsville Sr. 93/100 10/07/2014
Westminster 93/100 10/09/2014
The Village At Car 91/100 09/11/2014
Villages Of Eastla 84/100 10/14/2014
Mechanicsville Cro 85/100 10/03/2014
Ashley Auburn Poin 97/100 09/09/2014
Martin Street Plaz 98/100 09/18/2014
Georgia Avenue Hig 90/100 10/02/2014
Columbia Mechanics 88/100 10/08/2014
Veranda At Auburn 80/100 10/22/2014
Capitol I (phase I 61/100 10/14/2014
Cosby Spear Highri 98/100 09/29/2014
Columbia Grove (pe 81/100 10/24/2014
Magnolia Park Ii 35/100 10/24/2014
The Village At Car 81/100 12/09/2014
Centennial Place I 92/100 10/10/2014
Columbia Creste 41/100 10/20/2014
Columbia Park Citi 80/100 10/27/2014
Ashley Collegetown 72/100 10/06/2014
Piedmont Road High 96/100 09/17/2014
East Lake Highrise 90/100 10/23/2014
Magnolia Park I 69/100 09/10/2014
Villages Of Eastla 87/100 07/21/2014
Cheshire Bridge Ro 97/100 10/07/2014
Ashley Terrace 95/100 04/10/2014
Ashley Courts 80/100 04/11/2014
Magnolia Park I 57/100 04/08/2014
Columbia Village 89/100 04/14/2014
Mechanicsvillestat 91/100 04/15/2014
Magnolia Park Ii 70/100 04/09/2014
Atrium At Colleget 83/100 04/17/2014
Hightower Manor Hi 88/100 04/16/2014
Ashley Ii At Colle 92/100 11/27/2013
Capitol Ii (phase 95/100 11/14/2013
The Village At Car 85/100 11/12/2013
Ashley Courts At C 88/100 10/31/2013
Ashley Courts At C 85/100 10/30/2013
Centennial Place I 90/100 07/25/2013
Centennial Place I 91/100 07/26/2013

Public Housing Operated by Atlanta Housing Authority

Affordable Apartments near Atlanta Housing Authority

8450 Roswell Rd
The Hellenic Towers is a 125 unit low income housing apartment community in Atlanta.
Some apartments in this community are rent subsidized, which means rent is income based.
These affordable apartments have been funded by the following programs:
Section 202 Supportive Housing for the Elderly