Scattered Sites

1301 Moffat Ln, Elkhart, IN 46517

Waiting List Forecast: Likely Long or Closed

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Waitlist Forecast

Since this property may have HUD-funded Public Housing with subsidies that help pay tenants' rent, the property is likely to have a long waiting list. Housing authorities often open these waiting lists periodically. Important: Housing authorities don't always open housing waiting lists at a property-specific level or even allow applicants to choose at which property they can live. Many times, the housing authority will assign an applicant to a property without giving the applicant a choice.

Note: Affordable Housing Online has not confirmed the waiting list status directly with the property. This waiting list status forecast is based on our housing experts' knowledge of similar properties. You should always confirm this status directly with the property.

Our Scattered Sites properties are just as it sounds, strategically scattered throughout the City of Elkhart.  These properties are single family homes, duplexes and multi-family units located in four different areas of the city.  Depending on a desired school system, proximity to employment or simply a desired neighborhood these properties offer a variety of choices to our residents.  The deliberate placement of these properties in 1975 was and still is intended to include our EHA residents in the surrounding Elkhart community.  Each location offers unique inclusion to the surrounding neighborhood.  Our southern most site includes a community building and resident playground.

The management office for these properties is located in the Rosedale High-Rise, centrally located between all four sites.  Use the maps below to plan your visit to one, or all, of these quite neighborhoods.

Dave's Thoughts On Scattered Sites

This property is funded through HUD’s Public Housing program. These properties are typically owned and managed by a Public Housing Authority. These properties tend to be much older, as no new public housing has been built in many years. Since the Federal budget has historically (and notoriously) underfunded public housing renovations for decades, these properties tend to have higher vacancies due to uninhabitable units or liveable units that are in poor condition. In addition, since all public housing properties offer rent subsidies, low-income residents only pay rent based on their incomes. For that reason, these properties tend to have longer waiting lists. Check our public housing waiting list data for more information. Since Scattered Sites participates in the Public Housing program and has a property based subsidy, if you have a Section 8 voucher, you would have to give up your voucher to move in.

Dave, Founder AHO

~ Dave Layfield, Founder of Affordable Housing Online

Income Qualification for Scattered Sites

*AMI: Area Median Income. Renters qualify for different housing programs if their income is below a specified percentage of AMI.
AMI* 1 person 2 people 3 people 4 people 5 people 6 people 7 people 8 people
30% AMI for PBRA Units $16,800 / year $19,720 / year $24,860 / year $30,000 / year $35,140 / year $40,280 / year $45,420 / year $50,560 / year
50% AMI for LIHTC Units $28,000 / year $32,000 / year $36,000 / year $39,950 / year $43,150 / year $46,350 / year $49,550 / year $52,750 / year
50% AMI for PBRA Units $28,000 / year $32,000 / year $36,000 / year $39,950 / year $43,150 / year $46,350 / year $49,550 / year $52,750 / year
80% AMI for PBRA Units $44,750 / year $51,150 / year $57,550 / year $63,900 / year $69,050 / year $74,150 / year $79,250 / year $84,350 / year

*AMI: Area Median Income. Renters qualify for different housing programs if their income is below a specified percentage of AMI.

FAQs for Scattered Sites

Does Scattered Sites have a waiting list?

Scattered Sites probably has a waiting list. Since our research has shown there are some public housing units at this property, the waiting list would be for those units. We haven't confirmed if this is the case, so you should contact the property to confirm.

Are rents subsidized at Scattered Sites?

We believe rents are most likely subsidized at all or some of the units since our research has turned up at least one public housing or rental assistance contract probably associated with this property.

In addition to Scattered Sites, how many other affordable housing properties (and units) are there in Elkhart?

In addition to Scattered Sites, we list 35 other affordable properties in Elkhart. Learn about these properties here. Our data research shows that there are a total of 2266 affordable units in Elkhart.

Listings Near Scattered Sites

Ashton Pines Apartment Homes

4353 Balsam Fir Ln, Elkhart, Indiana 46517

bed 1-4
payment $656-910/mo.
switch_access_shortcut Short Wait
accessibility Accessible

Stratford Commons

2601 Oakland Ave, Elkhart, Indiana 46517

bed 1-2
payment Subsidized

Gardenview Senior Apartments

1119 N Main St, Elkhart, Indiana 46514

bed 1-2
switch_access_shortcut Short Wait
accessibility Accessible

The Overlook

58720 Vista Blvd, Elkhart, Indiana 46517

switch_access_shortcut Short Wait
accessibility Accessible

Town and Country Apartments

1221 Georgia Blvd, Elkhart, Indiana 46514

payment Subsidized
accessibility Accessible

657 Milwaukee Ave

657 Milwaukee Ave, Elkhart, Indiana 46514

bed 3
payment $925/mo.
Rent observations may change. We encourage users to verify rents and eligiblity requirements directly with the property.