Frequently Asked Housing Authority Questions

In what areas can you live for Section 8?

While you may apply anywhere in the country, you must live within the jurisdiction of the housing authority providing assistance once you have been no... Read More

How can I file a complaint to the housing office?

If you are participating in a HUD program managed by the housing authority, such as Section 8 or Public Housing, contact the housing authority of... Read More

How can I find out the area the housing authority serves?

Each housing authority serves a specific, city (or cities), county (or counties) - or on some occasions - the entire state. This means that the office... Read More

How do I file a complaint to HUD about being mistreated by a managing housing office?

If you believe your caseworker is treating you unfairly, please contact the housing authority and speak to a supervisor or administrator to ha... Read More

What is Section 8?

Section 8 housing is a federally funded program aimed to assist low-income families in America pay for rent. There are two different branches of th... Read More

Can I use a Section 8 voucher to pay my mortgage?

If the housing authority that administers your Section 8 voucher program participates in HUD's Homeownership Voucher program, you can use a Section 8 ... Read More

Is there a housing program to pay towards owning a home?

Yes, some housing authorities do participate in homeownership programs, and HUD's website provides a great amount of information for future homeowners... Read More

Can I smoke in my unit?

If you are a tenant in a Public Housing unit, ... Read More

Why is the housing authority giving Section 8 vouchers when there are no rentals available, and if there are, they don't take Section 8?

While it is can be difficult for Section 8 voucher holders to find a unit, there are properties and landlords out there that accept Section 8 Vou... Read More

I can't find a unit for my Section 8 voucher by the deadline, can I get an extension?

HUD policy requires housing authorities to give a voucher holder at least 60 days to find an eligible unit.If the voucher holder is unable t... Read More

I'm a Section 8 landlord and my tenant caused major damage to the unit. What recourse do I have against the tenant or housing authority?

It seems what you describe implies there is a contract between the property manager and the owner. That contract should have had certain requirements ... Read More

My family and I live in Section 8, but I have to move. Can we continue to receive Section 8 assistance in both places?

You may not use a Section 8 voucher to receive rental assistance in two different units at the same time.If you are the... Read More

Is a resident of the housing authority allowed to serve on its board of directors?

Yes, in fact, having at least one resident on the housing authority's board is required by law, with a few exceptions.According to... Read More

The housing authority is doing a Section 8 briefing, but the waiting list is closed. What does "briefing" mean?

It is likely that the housing authority is scheduling eligibility appointments with persons on the waiting list. It is also possible that the office h... Read More

How long does it take for a housing inspector to come out to inspect the unit?

There are more than 2,300 housing authorities in the country that manage a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program. Each office is run differently, a... Read More

When inspecting the house, what do the inspectors have a right to check? Do they have a right to look in your cupboards, refrigerators or even your stove or oven? Or is that an invasion of privacy?

When an inspector comes to assess your unit, they are making sure the house is in good physical condition. Inspectors look at the structure of the uni... Read More

When I receive a Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher, can I terminate it for a year if I have to move temporarily?

No, when you receive a voucher, you have a specific amount of time to use that voucher before it is terminated. You may be able to... Read More

If I find housing before I get my Section 8 voucher, can I get approved sooner?

No. Finding a unit before receiving your voucher does not have any influence on when you receive your voucher. Once being placed on the waiting list, ... Read More