If I lost my rental assistance, can I get it again?


In most cases, if you lost your rental assistance, you must re-apply to the waiting list to receive assistance again.

Whether or not you can regain the rental assistance you lost depends on a number of factors.

If you recently lost your assistance for any reason, you may request a hearing with the housing office to regain that assistance. However, if your assistance was terminated due to a violation of policy, it is unlikely you will get your assistance back.

If you feel you lost your assistance due to mistreatment by the housing office, you may want to seek legal advice. There are legal aid offices in every state that help low-income persons. You can search for a legal aid office near you here.

If it has been months or years since you lost your rental assistance, you must re-apply as a new applicant.

Contact the housing office that managed your unit for more information. You can search our website for housing authority and apartment community contact information.

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